Mass Spectrometry basics (UGent, Parts 1234567) + Presentation

Protein identification by MS

Interpreting Electrospray Mass Spectra

Reverse Phase HPLC Basics for LC/MS


Electrospray ionization

Find many more MS related topics here.


Planetorbitrap (Orbitrap) - An animation how an Orbitrap works.

PROTEOMICS in general

Austrian Proteomics Association

The goal of our organization is the promotion of basic sciences and the enhancement of methods and their development with regard to all sciences involved in Proteomics, especially in Austria.


The ProteomeXchange consortium has been set up to provide a coordinated submission of MS proteomics data to the main existing proteomics repositories, and to encourage optimal data dissemination.

Human Protein Atlas

The human protein atlas shows expression and localization of proteins in a large variety of normal human tissues, cancer cells and cell lines with the aid of immunohistochemistry (IHC) images and immunofluorescence (IF) confocal microscopy images.