Deconvolution course


“Deconvolve everything!”

(Cannell, McMorland and Soeller - Pawleys Handbook of Confocal microscopy)


The Biooptics Facility offers a recurring course in image deconvolution, using the software Huygens. Deconvolution is an image restoration technique that aims at reversing distortions introduced to an image by the optical acquisition system. The result is a clearer, better contrasted image with an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. The course takes place on demand, with an ideal number of four participants. It starts at 11:00 with the theoretical introduction followed by intensive hands-on session , ending in the evening.

New microscope users are strongly urged to participate in this course as soon as they have gained some experience in microscopy.

To register for the course please send an email to microscopy(at)

Deconvolution examples
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