SimpatiQCo is a free software suite running on a local server for your research group or service facility. Through a web interface, it allows everyone to upload raw or wiff files, stemming from a Thermo mass spectrometer or an AB Sciex mass spectrometer respectively. The software will then analyze the raw file, extract data (Ion injection times, Scan times,...) and will also do a Mascot search if a Mascot-server is available. All data (from the raw file and search results) is then stored in a database, which is accessable through the web interface to view several values and graphs for the current run, but also to view long-term data over a time course. It is therefore easy to plot e.g. PSMs vs. retention time, to plot the lock mass deviation over a whole run, or to create a plot viewing the sequence coverage of a certain protein over a long time period.

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