Whole cell lysates or cell pellets

For MS sample preparation of cell pellets derived from cultured cells (for TMT, PRM experiments) we offer a robust and fast protocol which is provided as a kit by the company PreOmics. The protocol is easy to perform and can be done in your lab and will produce ready-to-measure peptides, which can be submitted to our facility.

  • The protocol is adjusted to protein amounts of 10 to 100 microgram (5x10e5 HeLa cells appr. yield 150 microgram). We recommend using the Micro BCA Protein Assay to measure protein content after cell lysis.
  • We provide aliquots of the kit needed per reaction and have to pass on the costs of the kit (28 Euro per reaction) to your group.
  • With this measure we can speed up the sample processing and increase the throughput of samples in our facility.
  • Please contact Elisabeth Roitinger, if you want to submit a complex sample and use the kit.
  • We provide the protocol with some adjustments in the protocols section (protocols for the iST sample preparation kit). For detailed questions please contact Michael Schutzbier or Karel Stejskal.
    (Note that the protocols section is only accessible within the VBC network)
  • We also provide alternative sample preparation protocols for complex protein samples in the protocols section that we can discuss with you (MS sample preparation protocols for complex protein sample).