Proteomics Facility & Tech Hub

Exploring your proteins since 2001

Welcome to our website!

The Proteomics Facility offers protein analyses to the research groups at IMP, IMBA and GMI. We provide services such as protein identification, characterization of posttranslational modifications, protein quantitation and the respective data interpretation.

We operate several chromatography systems for both protein and peptide separations and a number of state-of-the-art mass spectrometers. To keep our technology platforms competitive, we constantly establish and develop novel protocols. Currently, we focus on methods for improving the sensitivity of protein identification, on protein quantification and cross-linking technology. We also develop bioinformatics tools for data interpretation.

Please find on the website our current guidelines for sample submission and useful information and instructions for sample preparation. Additionally, we provide some links to useful tutorials about mass spectrometry and to animations demonstrating the operation principles of different mass spectrometers.