Karl Mechtler - Head of Protein Chemistry Facility

Elisabeth Roitinger - Deputy Head of Protein Chemistry Facility

Elisabeth is working part-time and supports Karl in running the mass spec service. This includes discussing the analytical questions, possible analysis strategies and the obtained results with the costumers and our operators. In addition, she is mainly involved in establishing workflows for quantitative large scale phosphoproteomics studies.

Ines Steinmacher - Sample Preparation / Mass Spectrometry


welcome to our lab. You can bring your samples to me and I will prepare them for nano-LC-MS analysis. Additionally, I am responsible for evaluating, calibrating and maintaining a QExactive HF mass spectrometer coupled to a nano-RSLC.

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Susanne Opravil - Sample Preparation / Mass spectrometry

Susanne is the main operator of two QExactive HF mass spectrometers and involved in the preparation of the samples. Besides, she takes care of the ordering business and handles the shipments.

Karel Stejskal - Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

Karel is the main operator of the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer, which belongs to the newest generation of the Orbitrap instrument family. He is establishing and testing different methods on the new instrument, mainly for multiplexed relative quantitation of TMT-labelled samples and measurement of posttranslationally modified peptides and chemically cross-linked peptides. Apart from that, Karel is mainly involved in specific projects, such as targeted relative quantification of proteins of interest. In addition, Karel is involved in testing different mass spectrometric accessories, e.g. to improve the stability of the nanospray process.

Gabriela Krssakova - Chromatography

Gabi is in charge of all LC systems in our lab to obtain high quality and reproducible performance.

Another important part of her work are applications using special LC set ups, such as SCX or HILIC for peptide separation. Additionally, she is taking care of our monolithic column LC systems for quality control and protein separation.

Michael Schutzbier - Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

Michael is the main operator of one QExactive HF mass spectrometer. Additionally, he is taking care of the Waters Synapt G2 mass spectrometer, which is used for intact protein measurements. Furthermore, he is in charge of the AB Sciex 5500 Triple Quadrupole Mass spectrometer where MRM Assays are set up for absolute quantification.
Another main topic of Michaels work is relative quantification with isobaric tags such as TMT.

Richard Imre - Bioinformatics

Richard is doing a big part of the sample identifications using bioinformatic tools and programs. If there is demand, he is also looking for potential post translational modifications, especially for phosphorylations. Storing and managing of measured data falls in his field of responsibility too.

Otto Hudecz - Bioinformatics

Otto is bioinformatically dealing with high mass accuracy data mainly deriving from Q Exactive HF Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap and Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometers running in data dependent acquisition mode. After 4 years of focusing on characterization of mitotic protein complexes and phosphorylation site mapping on identified subunits within the MitoCheck project he extended his main interest to identification of all kind of post-translational modifications.
After more than 10 years of working in the field of proteomics his focus now lies in relative protein quantification and in cross linking. Beside data interpretation and statistics he is also constantly testing publicly available as well as in-house written proteomic tools and software packages.

Mathias Madalinski - Peptide Synthesis / Antibody Purification

Mathias Madalinski is performing the peptide synthesis and antibody purification.

Zsuzsanna Muhari-Portik - Peptide Synthesis / Antibody Purification

Zsuzsanna Muhari-Portik is performing the peptide synthesis and antibody purification.

Manuel Matzinger

Manuel works as a PostDoc on several projects related to cross-linking mass spectrometry. He focuses on the development of affinity based enrichment strategies for cross-linked peptides as well as designing novel cross-linker substances. Furthermore he is involved in the evaluation and optimization of data analysis software.

Claudia Ctortecka

PhD-student, topic: single cell proteomics

Florian Stanek


Gerhard Dürnberger