Peptide synthesis

Peptide synthesis, purification of antibodies and other proteins

These services are provided by Mathias Madalinski and Zsuzsanna Muhari-Portik, located in the VBC 6 ground floor, room E 24, tel 3829.

Peptide synthesis

Standard peptide synthesis:

  • Up to 50aa length (strongly depending on sequence)
  • Usually, HPLC purified
  • Yield 10-50mg



  • Synthesis in 96well format (up to 96 peptides synthesized in parallel)
  • Up to 25aa length
  • Usually, not HPLC purified (only if absolutely required a small subset can be purified)
  • Crude purity approx. 70%  (depending on sequence and length)
  • Yield 100µg to 2mg


SPOT synthesis:

  • Up to 600 individual peptides can be synthesized on one Cellulose membrane (two membranes in parallel possible)
  • Approx. 20nmol per spot
  • synthesis works best for peptides with a length between 6aa and 15aa (longer peptides are possible, but purity will drop)
  • purity approx. 80%

 More detailed information can be found here


Synthesis of peptides carrying modifications or amino acids with heavy isotopes:

Modifications which are routinely available in our facility:

  • N-term acetylated
  • C-term amidated
  • Lys(me)
  • Lys(me2)
  • Lys(me3)
  • Lys(ac)
  • Ser(PO4)
  • Thr(PO4)
  • Tyr(PO4)
  • Tyr(SO3)
  • N-term Biotin (with aminohexanoic acid or 2xbAla spacer recommend)
  • N-term 5,(6) Carboxyfluorescein (isomer mix) (with aminohexanoic acid or 2xbAla spacer recommended)

Modifications that can be synthesized with components provided by the scientist:

  • Arg(Me)
  • Arg(Me2-Sym)
  • Arg(Me2-Asym)
  • N-term 5 or 6 Carboxyfluorescein (monoisomer) (with aminohexanoic acid or 2xbAla spacer recommed)
  • N-Term TAMRA (with aminohexanoic acid or 2xbAla spacer recommened)
  • C-term Biotin (with PEG5- or Ethyl Spacer)
  • C-term Carboxyfluorescein (monoisomer or isomer mix)
  • C-term TAMRA (with PEG5- or Ethyl Spacer)
  • Amino acids labeled with heavy isotopes (15N, 13C, 2H)


Other modifications/fluorophores might be available on request.


Purification of Antibodies:

  • affinity purification of polyclonal anti-peptide-antibodies using corresponding peptide columns
  • purification of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies via protein A or protein G columns


Small scale RP-HPLC purifications (up to 1mg):

  • Oligos
  • fluorophore labeled molecules (Oligos, CoA, peptides…)

other purifications might be possible on request


TAQ purification (in cooperation with MBS) 

Other services

KLH conjugation of peptides for immunization of animals

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