March 19, 2014

BioOptics, Core Facilities News

Superresolution Microscope

DeltaVision OMX with Blaze SIM module - GE Healthcare

We would like to announce a new imaging system with improved 3D (XYZ) resolving power available through the CSF to all IMP-IMBA-GMI users.

DeltaVision OMX is based on the structured illumination method (SIM) that can increase the spatial resolution of wide-field fluorescence microscopy beyond its classical limit, delivering three-dimensional (XYZ) resolution doubling. This advanced microscope can also be used for super fast wide-field fluorescence acquisition. (Gustafsson et al. 2008)

As a wide-field fluorescence microscope it is especially suited for flat samples with thickness up to ca. 20µm.

This microscope, although officially belonging to CSF, can be used by IMP-IMBA-GMI users as any other system of the BioOptics facility, without any extra costs.


If you are interested to know how SIM could foster your scientific project  or would like to get a training on it, please contact us at: omx(at)