January 8, 2018

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FlowJo Availability

Dear FlowJo Users,


The IT set up 5 virtual machines for the use of the FlowJo software, please follow the procedure below to use it:


For Windows:


  • Use the Remote Desktop Connection Tool which can be found in the start menu


For Mac:


  • Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the software center


For both:

  • Computer names to be used:
    • flowjo-1.imp.ac.at
    • flowjo-2.imp.ac.at
    • flowjo-3.imp.ac.at
    • flowjo-4.imp.ac.at
    • flowjo-5.imp.ac.at

however mostly it is sufficient to type flowjo-1, flowjo-2, etc.

  • log/sign in with your regular institute name and password
  • start FlowJo from the desktop
  • the first time you need to type in the serial number R5A2dZ34ZA1WL13L, which can only be found on the desktop “FlowJo_LicenseKey.txt”
  • do your work
  • close FlowJo
  • log/sign out of the computer using the user icon in the windows menu and choosing “Sign out”



Please note: you will be automatically signed out if your session is idle for more than 1h.


Please contact us (facs(at)imp.ac.at) or the IT department if you are encountering any problems.