Online resources and remote access

The licensed online resources can be read from every workstation at the IMP, IMBA or GMI.

Remote access, i.e. from workstations situated outside the premises, is possible for affiliates of IMP, IMBA or GMI via VPN client (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, installed on your computer).

Laboratory Notebook

The library supports Paperbound (PLN) as well as Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN). The solution supported is eLabJournal. Please consult the intranet for detailed information. Contact the librarian in case of questions.

Reading room

You are welcome to use the reading room on the 5th floor as a quiet place for reading, writing or just relaxing. In order to achieve this for all patrons please stick to the following rules:

  • Mute your cell phones.
  • Clean up the desktop after usage. Put back the books and do not leave your personal stuff: It will be removed and discarded sooner or later if not used.

Feel free to use the public equipment: computer, book scanner, spiral binding machine.

Using printed resources

The printed resources can be taken from the shelves freely. Please put it back after reading as soon as possible. Do so according to the classification, so that the successive reader will find it on the right place.

Borrowing books

Take the book from the shelf and write an email to the librarian with the call number (on the spine of the book) in the subject of the email.
If you want to give back a borrowed book, please bring it to the library office on the 5th floor. In case of vacancy please put it on a desk in the reading room opposite the library office.
If a desired book is marked as "borrowed" in the online catalogue, please contact the librarian.

Document delivery and book orders

Books or documents from resources not licensed by the library can be ordered by all affiliates of the IMP, IMBA and GMI free of charge. Please do so by transmitting unambiguous bibliographic data of the document to the librarian via online order form.
Time of delivery can range from some hours to a week and affects the resulting costs. Hence, communicate clearly and well-considered if the requested article or book is needed urgently.

Ordering articles directly out of Pubmed and Web of Science:

Using the link for Pubmed provided on the library website or choosing "Max Perutz Library" in your MyNCBI-preferences, you will encounter a library icon on each single record page. By clicking on it you will be directed to an online form where you can easily order the article associated with the Pubmed record. This works from the premises of IMP, IMBA and GMI only. In the Web of Knowledge you encounter the same icon without special login procedures.


In case you are interested in evaluating your scientific publications (e.g., grant application), please consult the librarian.

Licences of the University of Vienna: Remote access

All IMP/IMBA/GMI-members, who are additionally affiliated to the University of Vienna (PhD and master students, lecturers), can access the university´s licenses remotely by logging in with the university credentials here: u:access

For retrieving an article: Go to Quicklinks (top righthand corner) > Library services > Research tools > e-Journals server > Search for the journal, then browse to the article in question.

Before doing so, you can look up whether a specific journal is licensed by the university: university journals

Thank you for your cooperation!

Publication support

The library is providing timely support for administrative issues in the course of the publication of your article. Especially, in case of questions regarding Open Access or publication fees.

External users

External users are not supposed to use the Max Perutz Library. In case of enquiries, please contact the librarian.