The Max Perutz Library holds appr. 2000 print as well as e-books. The print books are partly available in the library´s premises itself, labelled and shelved according to a classification. Partly they are shelved in the group laboratories and offices. The e-books are available online on the respective publisher platform.

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Shelf classification

A          General Science

A.1.      DNA

A.2.      Evolution

A.3.      History

A.4.      Scientific Writing

A.5.      Miscellaneous


B          Biochemistry

B.1.      General

B.2.      Amino Acids / Proteins / Peptides / Enzymes

B.3.      Nucleic Acids

B.4.      Methods

B.5.      Miscellaneous (Glycobiology)


         Bioinformatics / Computer Science

C.1.      Bioinformatics General

C.2.      Computer Science / Software / Programming

C.3.      Biocomputing


D         General Biology


E          Biophysics / Chemistry


F          Cell Biology

F.1.      Cell Death / Cell Growth / Cell Movement / Cell Shape

F.2.      Methods

F.3.      Stem Cells

F.4.      Cell Division / Cell Cycle

F.5.      Cell Signaling

F.6.      Cell Membranes / Cell Matrix

F.7.      Cell Nucleus

F.8.      Miscellaneous

F.9.      Protein Trafficking


        Developmental Biology

G.1.     Embryology

G.2.     Reproductive Biology and Sex Determination

G.3.     Methods


H          Ethics


I           Evolution


J          Genetics

J.1.      General and Molecular Genetics

J.2.      DNA

J.2.1.   DNA Repair / Mutation

J.2.2.   DNA Replication

J.2.3.   DNA Recombination / Mobile DNA

J.3.      RNA

J.4.      Chromosome Biology

J.5.      Genetic Engineering / Biotechnology

J.6.      Human / Medical Genetics

J.7.      Genomes / Genomics

J.8.      Gene Therapy / Molecular Medicine

J.9.      Epigenetics

J.10.    Methods

J.10.1. PCR

J.10.2. Sequencing / Synthesis

J.10.3. Microarrays

J.11.    Transgenics / Cloning

J.12.    Genes / Gene Expression / Transcription / Translation


K          Immunology

K.1.      General

K.2.      Virology

K.3.      Vaccines

K.4.      Antibodies / Leukocytes / Complement / MHC

K.5.      Cytokines

K.6.      Antigens

K.7.      Immunological Disorders

K.8.      Infectious Disease

K.9.      Methods


L          Mathematics & Statistics


M         Medicine

M.1.     Anatomy

M.2.     Physiology

M.3.     Pathology

M.4.     Histology

M.5.     Dermatology

M.6.     Endocrinology

M.6.1.  Diabetes

M.7.     Hematology

M.8.     Oncology

M.9.     Human Biology

M.10.   Molecular Medicine

M.11.   Bone Disease

M.12.   Cardiology / Cardiovascular Diseases

M.13.   Hepatology

M.14.   Gastroenterology

M.15.   Nephrology / Fluid Balance

M.16.   Miscellaneous


N          Methods

N.1.      Tissue Culture

N.2.      Imaging

N.2.1.   Microscopy

N.2.2.   Crystallography

N.3.      Flow Cytometry

N.4.      Separation Techniques

N.4.1.   Electrophoresis

N.4.2.   Chromatography

N.4.3.   Centrifugation

N.5.      Laboratory Guides / Biosafety

N.6.      Histology

N.7.      Immunochemistry

N.8.      Mass Spectrometry

N.9.      Miscellaneous


O         Microbiology


P          Molecular Biology

P.1.      General

P.2.      Methods


Q         Model Organisms / Veterinary Medicine

Q.1.     Mouse / Rat / Rabbit / Hamster

Q.2.     Drosophila / Insects

Q.3.     C. elegans

Q.4.     Fungi

Q.5.     Plants

Q.6.     Chicken / Birds

Q.7.     Bacteria

Q.8.     Phage

Q.9.     Amphibians / Reptiles

Q.10.   General / Other Organisms

Q.11.   Veterinary Medicine / Animal Behavior

Q.12.   Laboratory Animal Experiments


R          Neurobiology / Neuroscience

R.1.      General Neuroscience

R.2.      Neuroanatomy

R.3.      Neurology

R.4.      Neurophysiology

R.4.1.   The Nervous System

R.4.2.   The Brain

R.5.      Cells of the Nervous System

R.5.1.   Neuroglia

R.6.      Nervous System Signaling

R.7.      Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

R.8.      Methods


S          Pharmacology

S.1.      General

S.2.      Antibiotics


X.      General Encyclopedias


THE.    Theses


REP.    Reports