Experiments involving equipment of the BioOptics Facility should be planned and discussed ahead with the BioOptics Facility staff. Training is compulsory prior to the usage of any machine in the BioOptics Facility, this is also applicable for additional parts of a system e.g. plate loader.

Users do not train other users!

If you cannot remember how to operate a system you were already introduced to, please do not hesitate to ask the BioOptics team for advice.

More information on introductions can be found at Microscopy and Flow Cytometry.

Sign up

Most of the BioOptics equipment can be reserved online through the PPMS Booking System -  https://booking.vbc.ac.at .

Sign-Up is on a first come, first serve basis.

If the user does not show up within 30 minutes after the start of the booking-time, the whole reservation is cancelled and the equipment is available to everybody.

In PPMS you can also sign up to receive an e-mail, if a booking on a chosen instrument is deleted or shortened and therefore additional instrument-time is available.

A quick guide how to use PPMS can be found here.

To allow proper planning for everybody, we would strongly ask you to well plan your experiments, only book the time you actually need and cancel or shorten your bookings as soon as you find out that plans have changed!

Data storage

All data should be stored on server space! Data stored on local hard disks can be erased at any time without notice.


If you publish work supported by the BioOptics Facility, e.g. by using one or more facility microscopes, flow cytometers or support in image or data analysis, please do not forget to acknowledge the facility in your paper.


If you encounter any problems with the equipment, please inform BioOptics staff as soon as possible even if the problem has resolved.

Working with Lentivirus

Cells treated with Lentivirus (except for lentivirus with ecotropic envelope protein), must pass 10 times media exchange and 2 weeks’ time since the treatment, before they are allowed to be processed within rooms of the BioOptics Facility (FACSroom ; Microscopy rooms). In case of doubts about the other viral transfections used, please get in touch with the Biosafety officers and BioOptics personn