Principles Courses 2014

“The microscope with its accessories is by far the least understood, the most inefficiently operated,

and the most abused of all laboratory instruments”…

Charles P Shillaber

and we are going to change that.


Principles of Transmitted Light and Fluorescence Microscopy -5-8th of May & 12-15th of May, 2014

Biooptics team announces 2 courses, which will cover the principles of transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy:

5-8th of May, 2014 - Principles of Transmitted Light Microscopy.
This course will cover the following topics: Transmitted light microscope anatomy, Köhler illumination, Magnification, Diffraction, Optical resolution, phase contrast, differential interference contrast, dark-field, polarized light microscopy.

12-15th of May, 2014 - Principles of Fluorescence Microscopy.
This course will cover the following topics:Introduction to fluorescence, anatomy of fluorescence microscope, optical sectioning (confocal, 2-photon microscopy, total internal reflection microscopy, structured illumination), digital imaging, do´s & don’ts in fluorescence imaging Demonstrations and hands-on sessions will bring the theory to praxis.

The course is aimed to provide you with understanding of fundamental concepts in light microscopy, and will last every day from 9-17.00 - with exception of last days in both weeks which will last till 12:00. We encourage everybody whose work includes microscopy to apply until April, 13 2014 by writing an email to microscopy(at) Please state which course you would like to attend Course I, Course II or both courses.

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