Advanced Practical Microscopy

November 7-11, 2011


Biooptics would like to invite you to:

Advanced Practical Microscopy Course

 ... unless you "understand the process of imaging you risk imagination"

M. Cannell


7.-11. November 2011


Imaging technologies are core disciplines of tomorrow’s biology and medicine, represent essential new research infrastructures for all life sciences and contribute to a better understanding of all living systems. The IMP/IMBA/GMI BioOptics Facility has put together a course to learn about and understand these exciting techniques and to implement and use them in the individual research area.


Course objectives:

This course is addressed to IMP-IMBA-GMI PhD students, PostDocs and PIs with a maximum of 25 participants. This intense 5-day course provides participants with:

1.       systematic and in-depth examination of theoretical concepts in microscopy and image analysis

2.       understanding of  the quantitative nature of imaging

3.       theoretical concepts of modern live cell imaging approaches

4.       theoretical knowledge required to design imaging experiments

5.       hands-on practical sessions with the state-of-the-art imaging systems

6.       hands-on practical sessions with the state-of-the-art  image analysis programs




In the morning lectures we will present the theoretical basics relevant to a given topic and their application to answer biological questions.

Following the morning lectures we will have hands-on practical sessions aiming to obtain quantitative data matching the theory presented. Participants are encouraged to bring their own samples, however standard samples will be provided to illustrate the discussed problems. The hands-on sessions will be run on the state-of-the-art instruments, kindly provided by Zeiss.

Afternoon lectures will focus on ways of analyzing the results obtained beforehand followed by hands-on practical image analysis sessions. Commercial as well as open-source software will be used.

During the afternoon practical sessions we will focus on the discussions of problems that were encountered during the day, troubleshooting etc., in a more informal setting.

Participants will be encouraged to set-up additional experiments and use the image analysis software “after hours”.

The course will end with the presentation and discussion of obtained data. Successful participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Course prerequisites:

Since this course is designed as an entity, a participant is obliged to take part in every module. Therefore it is essential to get the permission from your supervisor, granting a “week-off” from lab work. If you want to set-up your own experiments in that week, please do it in the evening or in the morning before the course.

It is obligatory for every person who is admitted to the hands-on sessions to attend the pre-course which will take part on Sunday, the 6th of November.


If you would like to participate in the course, please send an email to Karin or Pawel and include a very short description describing why you would like to take part in the course (Latest 30.09.2011).
Once you have been admitted we will ask you to confirm the agreement of your PI to take the active part during the whole week.


Detailed program