Introductions & Events

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Information about Introductions

Introductions Microscopy

The introduction to microscopy consists of 3 modules taking place on 3 days and is compulsory for every user.

On day1 you will learn fundamentals of light microscopy. On the following day there will be a session on Optical Sectioning. The topic of the third day is Image Analysis. Each block will take 2-2,5h.

Further information can be found here. Please send a Training request via PPMS

Day 1 – Fundamental concepts of microscopy (begin 1pm)

2023: 1.8. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 5.9. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 11.10. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 7.11. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016)

Day 2 – Optical Sectioning (begin 1pm)

2023: 2.8. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 6.9. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 12.10. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 8.11. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016)

Day 3 - Image Analysis (begin 1pm)

2023:  3.8. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 7.9. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016); 9.11. (1-4pm seminarroom E-016)



Introductions Flow Cytometry

Further information can be found here.

Introduction to Flow Cytometry (begin 12.30, around 3,5h), Please send a Training request via PPMS

2023: 12.09.(room E-016) start 1.30!; 17.10.(room E-016); 14.11.(room E-016); 12.12.(room E-016);

Introduction to Spectral Cytometry, please register via PPMS

2023: individual dates



Upcoming events

Deconvolution using Huygens Software - please write an e-mail to microscopy(at) for available dates






Past events & courses

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI - 8.-10.3.2023 

FlowJo Seminar - 24.11.2022 Beginner/Advanced sessions

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI - 9.-11.2.2022 - schedule

FlowJo Seminar - 16.11.2021 10am Beginner session, 1pm Advanced session

Online - Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji - March, April, Nov 2020

FCS Express Seminar April 11th 2019, 10am

Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji   30.1-1.2.2019, 27.2.-1.3.2019

Photometrics Camera Training Course  July 26th/27th 2018

yearly FlowJo Workshop

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI;  Sept 2017, Nov 2017

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI;  2016

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI ; April 20-24, 2015

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI ; Oct 21-24, 2014

OMX User Meeting ; July 9-10, 2014

Principles of Fluorescence Microscopy ; May 12-15, 2014

Principles of Transmitted Light Microscopy ; May 5-8, 2014

Principles of transmitted light microscopy ; April 22-24, 2013

Image processing and analysing course ; November 12-16, 2012

Advanced Practical Microscopy course ; November 7-11, 2011