Introductions & Events

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Information about Introductions

Introductions Microscopy

The introduction to microscopy consists of 3 modules taking place on consecutive days and is compulsory for every user.

On day1 (compulsory for everyone) you will learn fundamentals of light microscopy. On the following day there will be a session on Optical Sectioning. The topic of the third day is Image Analysis. Each block will take 2-2,5h.

Further information can be found here. Please send a Training request via PPMS

Day 1 – Fundamental concepts of microscopy (begin 1pm)

2022: 1.2. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016); 28.2. (9.30-11.30am seminarroom E-016); 4.4. (1.30-3.30pm seminarroom E-016), 2.5. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016);

Day 2 – Optical Sectioning (begin 1pm)

2022: 2.2. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016); 1.3. (9.30-11.30am seminarroom E-016); 5.4. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016); 3.5. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016);

Day 3 - Image Analysis (begin 1pm)

2022: 3.2. (1-3.30pm seminarroom E-016); 2.3. (1-3pm seminarroom E-016); 6.4. (1-3.30pm seminarroom E-016); 4.5. (1-3.30pm seminarroom E-016); 6.6. (1-3.30pm seminarroom E-016)



Introductions Flow Cytometry

Further information can be found here.

Introduction to Flow Cytometry (begin 12.30, around 3h), Please send a Training request via PPMS

2022: 11.1.(room 1-018); 8.2.(room E-016); 8.3.(room E-016); 12.4.(room E-016); 10.5 (room E-016).; 7.6. (room E-016); 12.7.(room E-016); 9.8.(room E-016); 13.9.(room E-016); 11.10.(room E-016); 8.11.(room E-016); 13.12.(room E-016)

Introduction to Spectral Cytometry, please register via PPMS

2022: individual dates



Upcoming events


Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI - 9.-11.2.2022 - schedule

Deconvolution using Huygens Software - please write an e-mail to microscopy(at) for available dates






Past events & courses


FlowJo Seminar - 16.11.2021 10am Beginner session, 1pm Advanced session

Online - Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji - March, April, Nov 2020

FCS Express Seminar April 11th 2019, 10am

Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji   30.1-1.2.2019, 27.2.-1.3.2019

Photometrics Camera Training Course  July 26th/27th 2018

yearly FlowJo Workshop

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI;  Sept 2017, Nov 2017

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI;  2016

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI ; April 20-24, 2015

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI ; Oct 21-24, 2014

OMX User Meeting ; July 9-10, 2014

Principles of Fluorescence Microscopy ; May 12-15, 2014

Principles of Transmitted Light Microscopy ; May 5-8, 2014

Principles of transmitted light microscopy ; April 22-24, 2013

Image processing and analysing course ; November 12-16, 2012

Advanced Practical Microscopy course ; November 7-11, 2011