2013 Principles of transmitted light microscopy

Principles of transmitted light microscopy 

22-24 April, 2013


The Biooptics-team announces a course, which will cover the principles of transmitted light microscopy.

Our guest lecturer, Peter Evennett (Royal Microscopical Society, UK), will teach basic topics including:

-          Microscope anatomy

-          Köhler illumination

-          Magnification

-          Diffraction

-          Optical resolution

-          Phase contrast

-          Differential interference contrast

-          Dark-field

-          Polarized light microscopy

Demonstrations carried by the Biooptics team will bring the theory to praxis.

The course is aimed to provide you with an understanding of fundamental concepts in light microscopy, and will last everyday from 9-17.00.

We encourage everybody whose work includes microscopy to apply until March, 20th via microscopy(at)imp.ac.at . Participants are expected to attend all lectures, so we will ask you to confirm the agreement of your PI once you have been admitted.