Tissue Studio

Tissue Studio is suited for automated analysis of brightfield or fluorescence stained tissue sections. The analysis pathway can be interactively configured and adapted by the user. Different chromogens can be detected and tasks such as tissue area quantification, tumor detection or cell proliferation can be addressed. A variety of defined algorithms is implemented, including machine learning, which can be adapted to create a workflow for a fully automated batch analysis.



Definiens Developer is a highly flexible tool for creating workflows for automated image analysis. A large variety of topics in 2D and 3D quantification can be addressed (e.g. sizes, intensities, tracking over time) and analyzed on large batches of images. Creation of analysis pathways is done by BioOptics members and requires developing time.

Selection of projects already done

Measuring leaf size

Automated measurement of leave size from digital camera fotos.

More information can be found here (PDF).

Threshold based colocalization in 3D

Determine the amount of colocalization based on fixed threshold values.

More information can be found here (PDF).

Evaluate Cell Migration Essay

Find how far cells have migrated from the initial position.

More information can be found here (PDF).

Measurement of tumor size on histological sections

Automated detection of tumors and measurement of their size.

More information can be found here (PDF).

Mitotic cell cycle

Count cells depending on which state they are in.

More information can be found here (PDF).