Confocal (point scanning)

M21 - LSM 710 2Pi Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation
M23 - LSM700 Axio Imager (upright)
M24 - LSM780 Axio Imager (upright)
M27 - LSM880 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan/Airyscan fast
M33 - LSM880 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan/Airyscan fast and incubation and 40x/1.2W, Glycerol AutoCorr objective
M35 – LSM800 Examiner Z1 (upright) with incubator
M36 – LSM800 Axio Observer Z1 (inverted) with incubator
M37 – LSM800 Axio Imager (upright)
M38 – SP8 DIVE confocal (inverted) with multiphoton lasers and incubation
M41 – LSM980 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan II and incubation
M42 – LSM980 Axio Observer (inverted)

Confocal (spinning disk)

M01 - Spinning Disk Confocal Axio Observer (inverted)
M31 - Visiscope Spinning Disk Confocal with Incubation and FRAP unit
M40 - Spinning Disk Confocal Olympus (inverted) with incubation
M44 - Spinning Disk Confocal Olympus (inverted) with incubation/Superresolution (SoRa)

Light Sheet

M32 – Zeiss Z1 Lightsheet Microscope


M20 - TIRF 3 System Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation


M02 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera
M03 - Axioplan2- Histo
M05 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera, Axiocam colour camera and Apotome2
M06 - Axioobserver Z1 (inverted) mit sCMOS camera
M07 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera
M11 - VertA1 with Fluorescence - for cell culture dishes
M16 - Axioobserver Z1 (inverted) with sCMOS camera
M17 -Fluorescence Stereomicrocope Lumar with HXP120 lamp
M28 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 II
M30 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 III
M34 - Discoverer 7 fully automated live cell imaging system
M43 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 III

M12 - Leica Stereomicroscope with fluorescence

Leica Laser Microdissection System
OMX Structured Illumination Microscop
FLIM - Picoquant Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscope


ApplicationsSystem number

Fixed sample imaging

Live Cell Experiments

Multipoint experiment (timelapse on different positions on the same slide)

Multislide experiment (timelapse on different positions on different slides - up to 4 or 8 slides)

F-techniques (FRAP, FLIP, FRET)

Automated acquisition of a high number of images from one or more slides to obtain statistically relevant results

High throughput imaging


Lasermicrodissection of various live and fixed samples (tissue, cells) for further cultivation and analysis


confocal - temp, CO2, moisture control
widefield - temp, CO2, moisture control





M01, M09, M21M23M24, M25, M26, M27
M01M02M03M05M07M11, M12, M16M17, M27, M28 

, M09, M21, M25, M27, M31, M33

M16, M20, OMX

M06, M16
M01, M09, M21M23M24, M25, M26, M27

M06, M16
M01, M09, M21M23, M25, M26, M27

M09, M21M23M24, M26, M27, M31, M33

M06M16, M28
M01, M09, M21M23M24, M25, M26, M27, M31, M33

M19, M23, M28

M28, M23