M39 - Discoverer 7 fully automated live cell imaging system

System Description

The M39 - Discoverer 7 is a widefield microscope for brightfield and fluorescence. It is equipped with temperature (heating and cooling), CO2 and humidity control, a motorized XYZ-stage as well as a CMOS and CCD cameras. All components are controlled by ZEN Blue.   The system is fully programmable and therefore able to run multidimensional experiments including any combination of the following: multiple positions, multiple wavelengths including brightfield (DIC), z-Stacks, time-lapse.   The combination of a wide range of magnifications (0.25x-100x) with different plate or dish formats makes it suitable e.g. for various live cell experiments or the automatic acquisition of many images (screening).

New optical design and very stable environmental control make this microscope best suitable for long term imaging experiments.


Fluorescence LED - 385 / 420 / 470 / 520 / 567 / 590 / 625 nm

Infrared (IR) transmitted light contrast

Phase gradient-contrast for brightfield images of non-stained samples


Filter system for e.g. CFP-YFP-mCherry-SiRhodamine

EX: 385nm, 470nm, 555nm and 625nm

BS: 405+493+575+653

EM: 425/30+514/30+592/25+709/100


Filter system for e.g. Hoechst/DAPI-YFP-mCherry

EX: 420nm, 520nm and 590nm

BS: 450+538+610

EM: 467/24+555/25+687/145


Filter system for e.g. BFP-GFP-mCherry

EX: 385nm, 470nm and 590nm

BS: 405+493+610

EM: 425/30+524/50+688/145


Filter system for e.g. GFP-mCherry and transmitted light

EX: 470nm and 555nm

BS: 493+575

EM: 514/32+605/50+730/60 (transmitted light)


Filter system for e.g. BFP-YFP and transmitted light

EX: 385nm and 520nm

BS: 405+538

EM: 444/69+581/77+730/60 (transmitted light)


Plan-Apochromat 5x/0,35
(in combination with magnification changer 0,5x – 0.25x/0.2)

Plan-Apochromat 20x/0,7
autocorr - (in combination with magnification changer 0,5x / 1x / 2x-10x /0,35; 20x /0,7, 40x/0,7)

Plan-Apochromat 20x/0,95
autocorr - (in combination with magnification changer 0,5x / 1x / 2x - 10x /0,5, 20x /0,8, 40x /0,95)

Plan-Apochromat 50x/1,2 W
autocorr mit Autoimmersion - (in combination with magnification changer 0,5x / 1x / 2x-  25x /1,2 W, 50x / 1,2 W, 100x / 1,2 W)


Axiocam 506 -CCD (Pixel size: 4.54µm) and Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 (Pixel Size: 6.5μm)

Additional Devices

Incubation chamber with temperature control – heating and cooling

Motorized XY stage with piezo Z - suitable for various dishes, multiwell plates, slides (contact BioOptics to check which multiwell plates are best suited for the Discoverer).

Pipetting port allowing addition of liquids to plates

UV disinfection insert

Specimen Inserts

Multiwell plates (contact BioOptics to check which multiwell plates are best suited for Discoverer)

Insert for 6 Petri dishes 34-36mm
Insert for 1 Petri dish 30-38mm or 50-60mm
Insert for 2 slides 76x26 mm
Insert for 2 slides/Lab-TekTM Chambers 57x26 mm


please contact BioOptics to arrange for an appointment.