M38 – SP8 DIVE confocal (inverted) with multiphoton lasers and incubation

System Description

The M38 system is an inverted point laser scanning confocal microscope. It is a complete spectral system allowing the free choice of detection and the acquisition of lambda-stacks as well as subsequent unmixing for the separation of dyes with overlapping emission spectra. SP8 DIVE features a highly sensitive HyD (Hybride detector) detectors with a high quantum efficiency and low noise as compared to standard PMTs. The system is equipped with a motorized xyz-stage and a hardware autofocus device. M38 is fully programmable and therefore able to run multidimensional experiments including any combination of the following: multiple positions, multiple wavelengths, z-Stacks, time-lapse.

In addition to the classical single photon excitation the M38 is equipped with a multiphoton laser and a spectral, non descanned (NDD) 4 Tune detector. The NDD detector contains 3 HyDs and 1 PMT. The emission light is separated by a combination of variable dichroics and bandpass filters over the whole visible spectrum 380 – 800 nm.

The SP8 features AOBS instead of classical beam splitters, a resonant scanner for fast imaging and an incubator with the on stage CO2 incubation.

Widefield Illumination


LED for brightfield

Lasers for Confocal Imaging

Laser Diode 405

Argon 458, 476, 488, 496, 514

DPSS 561

HeNe 633

Lasers for multiphoton imaging

Spectra Physics InSightX3

Tuneable range: 680-1300nm
Fixed: 1045nm

Detection range

Confocal detection 350 – 800nm

4 Tune Detector 380-800nm

Transmitted Light Detector T-PMT


10x/0.3 HC PL Fluotar WD – 11mm
25/0.95W Fluotar VISIR WD – 2.4mm
40x/1.1W HC PL IR API WD – 0.65mm
63x/1.3 Glycerol HC PL APO CS2 WD – 0.3mm

Additional Devices

XY Motorized Stage
Z – Galvo stage
Multiple Position Acquisition
High Dynamic Range acquisition (HDR)
Incubation with CO2