M23 - LSM700 Axio Imager (upright)

System Description

The M23 system is an upright point laser scanning confocal microscope (LSM700). It is a complete spectral system allowing the free choice of detection and the acquisition of lambda-stacks as well as subsequent unmixing for the separation of dyes with overlapping emission spectra. This system can be used to acquire 2 different fluorophores simultaneously. A variable secondary dichroic (VSD) allows the precise splitting of the emmitted wavelenghts into 2 channels.

The instrument is situated in IMP K-024.

Widefield Illumination

LED : 400nm, 465nm, 525nm
Halogen Lamp 50W

Lasers for Confocal Imaging

Laser Diode 405 5mW
Laser Diode 488 10mW
Laser Diode 555 10mW
Laser Diode 639 5mW


CH1: SP490, SP555, SP640 - detection range 380-650nm
: LP490, LP560, LP640 - detection range 490-750nm
: T-PMT (transmitted light)
 range - 420-630nm in 1nm steps


10x/0.3 EC plan-neofluar
25/0.8 LD LCI plan-apochromat, multiimmersion DIC
40x/1.3 EC plan-neofluar Oil DIC
63x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DIC
100x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DIC

Additional Devices

Water dip objectives:
40x/0.75 Achroplan
63x/0.9 Achroplan

XY Scanning Stage for up to 8 slides