M21 - LSM 710 2Pi Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation

System Description

The M21 system is an inverted point laser scanning confocal microscope (LSM710). It is a complete spectral system allowing the free choice of detection and the acquisition of lambda-stacks as well as subsequent unmixing for the separation of dyes with overlapping emission spectra. The system is also equipped with the Chameleon 2-Photon laser and the non-descaned detectors (NDD) as well as a motorized xy-stage.

The system is fully programmable and therefore able to run multidimensional experiments including any combination of the following: multiple positions, multiple wavelengths, z-Stacks, time-lapse.

This makes it suitable e.g. for a xyzt-experiments on up to 4 slides, using a special stage insert and the 2-Photon Laser is especially suitable for deep tissue imaging.

Widefield Illumination

X-Cite Lamp 120W
Halogen Lamp 50W

Lasers for Confocal Imaging

Laser Diode 405 25mW
Argon 458, 488, 514 30mW
DPSS 561 15mW
HeNe 633 5mW
Chameleon 2Pi - 705-980nm


CH1: 371-740
: 479-750
CH3 Quasar
:416-728 in 10nm steps
: T-PMT (transmitted light)

BiG detector: BP500-550 & BP570-630


BiG2 detector: BP500-550 & BP600-650





10x/0.3 EC plan-neofluar
20x/0.8 plan-apochromat
25/0.8 LD LCI plan-apochromat, multiimmersion DIC
40x/1.3 EC plan-neofluar Oil DIC
63x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DIC

Additional Devices

Incubation chamber with  CO2 control, XY motorized stage, Multiple Position Acquisition