M17 - Fluorescence Stereomicrocope

System Description

The M17 system is a widefield stereo microscope for brightfield and fluorescence. It is equipped with a color camera controlled by Spot Software.

It can be used to acquire fluorescent and transmitted light images of large fixed and living samples. A CO2 dissecting pad allows you to look at/dissect Drosophila flies.



X-Cite Xylis (Excelitas technologies) LED fluorescence light source
Halogen Lamp 100W
Halogen Lamp 100W - Ring Light


Ex 365/12nm   Em 397LP
Ex 470/40nm   Em 515LP
Ex 470/40nm   Em 525/50nm
Ex 550/25nm   Em 605/70nm


0.8x Neo Lumar S (80mm working distance)
1.5x Neo Lumar S (30mm working distance)
Zoom 8-100x

Additional Devices

CO2 dissecting pad