M11 - VertA1 with Fluorescence - for cell culture dishes

System Description

The M11 system is an inverted widefield microscope for brightfield and fluorescence. It is equipped with objectives that are suitable for plastic dishes and a color camera controlled by Spot Software.

It can be used to acquire fluorescent images of cells in various culture dishes, as well as phase contrast (Ph), plastic DIC and transmitted light images. You can quickly check the transformation efficiency, expression level etc.

Widefield Illumination

Sola SM2
White LED




Ex 436/20nm Em 480/40nm
Ex 470/40nm Em 525/50nm
Ex 500/20nm Em 535/50nm
Ex 572/25nm Em 629/62nm




1.25x/0.03 Ph1 Plan-Neofluar
10x/0.3 Ph1 Plan-Neofluar
20x/0.4 Ph2 Plan-Neofluar Corr
40x/0.6 Ph2 Plan-Neofluar Corr




Spot Pursuit - Mono- 6.45µm pixel
Spot Insight - Colour - 7.4µm pixel