M03 - Axioplan2 - Histo

System Description

The M03 system is an upright widefield microscope for brightfield. It is equipped with a color camera controlled by IrfanView.

It can be used to acquire color images from histological labeled samples, as well as differential interference contrast (DIC) images.

The system is located in room IMP 4-058 Laboratory Cochella, Tanaka and Zimmer.


White Light LED


2.5x/0.0075 plan-neofluar
5x/0.15 plan-apochromat
10x/0.32 plan-apochromat
20/0.6 plan-apochromat
40x/o.95 plan-apochromat Korr
63x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DIC