Leica Laser Microdissection System

System Description

Leica LMD6500 laser microdissection system is designed to dissect live cells, single cells, and specific cell clusters using gravity to gently collect the samples. The dissected material, whatever its size or shape, is collected in a contact-free, contamination-free manner. No additional procedures are necessary for collection. It is the only laser microdissection system with a power-adjustable, high precision laser allowing fast excision of different material.
Additionally, high laser power allows the dissection of thick or hard specimens.

Widefield Illumination

EL6000 - metal halide 120W
Halogen Lamp 100W

Laser for Dissection

355nm DPSS laser
Pulse rate up to 80Hz; 1ns pulse length
TEM00 mode
Modifiable laser power
Adjustable laser aperture
Prism-based laser beam dislocation w/o energy loss


Ex 360/480/560 Em 460/525/600
Ex 406/15nm     Em 457/50nm
Ex 470/40nm     Em 525/50nm
Ex 560/55nm     Em 645/75nm


5x/0,12 microdissection optimized
10x/0.3 PL-Fluotar  
20x/0.4 PL-Fluotar correction collar
40x/0.6 PL-Fluotar correction collar
63x/0.7 PL-Fluotar correction collar
63x/1.2 PL-APO-water correction collar
100x/0.7-1.4 PL-APO oil iris

Additional Devices

XY Motorized Stage


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