F02 - FACS Aria III

System Description

The FACS Aria III is a 4 laser sorter with 16 fluorescence detectors controlled by FACSDiva software and operated exclusively by BioOptics staff members. It allows bulk sorts of up to 4 populations simultaneously as well as single cell sorting. It is therefore suited for sorting onto slides and into multi-well plates. Temperature control for sample input and sort output (4oC to room temperature) is possible. The nozzle sizes 70μm - 85μm - 100μm - 130μm  are availabe.


Fluorochromes in bold letters are listed in the configurations of the flow cytometer.



Laser 1

355 nm Ultraviolet Laser, OBIS 15mW


405 nm Violet Laser, OBIS 50mW

Detection 405nm  

442/42nm - BV421, BFP
525/50nm - BV510
610/20nm - BV605
670/30nm - BV650
710/50nm - BV750
800/50nm - BV786


Detection 355nm    

379/34nm - DAPI, Hoechst, BUV395
525/50nm - BUV496
610/20nm - BUV615
670/30nm - BUV615
740/40nm - BUV737
800/50nm - BUV805

Laser 2

488 nm Blue Laser, Coherent Sapphire 20mW


488/10 nm - SSC
530/30 nm - AF 488, FITC, GFP, Venus, YFP
695/40 nm - CyChrome, PerCP, PerCP-Cy5.5

Laser 3

561 nm Yellow-Green  Laser, Coherent Sapphire 50mW


582/15nm - DsRed, PE, tdTomato, Atto550
610/20nm - Living Colors, mCherry, mRaspberry, PE-Texas Red, PI
670/14nm - 7-AAD, PE-Cy5
710/50nm - PE-Cy5.5, PE-AF 700
780/60nm - PE-Cy7

Laser 4

633 nm Red Laser, Melles Griot 17mW


660/20 nm - AF 647, APC
730/45 nm - AF 660, AF 700
780/60 nm - APC-Cy7, APC-H7