Confocal (point scanning)

M21 - LSM 710 2Pi Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation
M23 - LSM700 Axio Imager (upright)
M24 - LSM780 Axio Imager (upright)
M27 - LSM880 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan/Airyscan fast
M33 - LSM880 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan/Airyscan fast and incubation and 40x/1.2W, Glycerol AutoCorr objective
M35 – LSM800 Examiner Z1 (upright) with incubator
M36 – LSM800 Axio Observer Z1 (inverted) with incubator
M38 – SP8 DIVE confocal (inverted) with multiphoton lasers and incubation
M41 – LSM980 Axio Observer (inverted) with Airyscan II and incubation
M42 – LSM980 Axio Observer (inverted)

Confocal (spinning disk)

M01 - Spinning Disk Confocal Axio Observer (inverted)
M31 - Visiscope Spinning Disk Confocal with Incubation and FRAP unit
M40 - Spinning Disk Confocal Olympus (inverted) with incubation
M44 - Spinning Disk Confocal Olympus (inverted) with incubation/Superresolution (SoRa)


Light Sheet

M32 – Zeiss Z1 Lightsheet Microscope


M20 - TIRF 3 System Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation


M46 - Elyra7 with lattice SIM2


M02 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera
M03 - Axioplan2- Histo
M05 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera, Axiocam colour camera and Apotome2
M06 - Axioobserver Z1 (inverted) mit sCMOS camera
M07 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera
M11 - VertA1 with Fluorescence - for cell culture dishes
M16 - Axioobserver Z1 (inverted) with sCMOS camera
M17 -Fluorescence Stereomicrocope Lumar with HXP120 lamp
M28 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 II
M30 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 III
M34 - Discoverer 7 fully automated live cell imaging system
M43 - Pannoramic FLASH 250 III

Leica Laser Microdissection System
OMX Structured Illumination Microscop
FLIM - Picoquant Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging Microscope

Floorplans Microscopy Rooms


WorkstationAnalyzer 1

WorkstationAnalyzer 2

WorkstationAnalyzer 3

WorkstationAnalyzer 4

WorkstationAnalyzer 5

Virtual machines (FlowJo and ForeCyt) User Guide

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