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Services provided are:


  • Generation of transgenic mice by injection of small DNA or large BAC-DNA constructs into the pronucleus of zygotes, 
  • Generation of mutant mice utilising the CRISPR/Cas9 system
  • Injection of ES-cells into blastocysts or 8-cell morulae
  • Cryopreservation of mouse lines, in-vitro fertilisation
  • Rederivation of frozen sperm/embryos (rederivation of imported mouse strains of unknown or non-SPF hygiene status is currently not possible because we have no special "holding area" for dirty mice)
  • Help for other problems or questions related to preimplantation stage embryos


For DNA/BAC injections and ES-cell injections you have to provide an Injection Request Form. This has to be shown to Meinrad Busslinger. Once the request is approved we can arrange for the injection dates.

As a basic principle we have a first come-first served policy. Though that is not strict but depends on the kind of experiment, availability of mice etc.

Please note that these services are for IMP/IMBA members only. We do not accept external requests.