Cryopreservation Storage

Nitrogen Storage Tanks

Frozen embryos and sperm are stored in liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

Two smaller ones are located in the animal house, a big one is at IMBA ground floor. 

We distribute samples to two different tanks to have a backup in case of some disaster.



Straws (0.25 ml) for sperm and embryos.
Straws are put into coloured visotubes. Those go into goblets.
These goblets go into canisters of the big tank... (the big tank has 6 towers with 4 canisters each)
... or small tank (the small tank has 10 towers with 1 canister each).
The big tank has a capacity of 24 canisters, which hold 72 goblets in total (= 864 visotubes = approx. 18000 straws).
The small tank has a capacity of 10 canisters, which hold 20 goblets in total (= 240 visotubes = approx. 5000 straws).