Peptide synthesis

The facility operates three peptide synthesizers and three HPLC systems for protein and peptide purification:

4 Peptide Synthesizers:

  • 2 x SYRO (MultiSynTech)
  • 1 x ABI 433a (Thermo Scientific)
  • 1 SPOT synthesizer ResPep SL (Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments)

3 HPLCs:

  • 2 x BioCAD HPLC (Thermo Scientific)
  • 1 x Ultimate 3000 (Thermo Scientific)

Peptide Synthesizers

The picture shows a Syro II peptide synthesizer (MultiSynTech GmbH), which is a fully automatic, computer controlled instrument based on a two arms pipetting robot.

SPOT Synthesizer

The picture shows our new SPOT synthesizer ResPep SL from Intavis Bioanalytical Instruments.

HPLCs for peptide and antibody purification

We operate one HPLC (BioCad, Vision workstation, Thermo Scientific, see picture) equipped with affinity columns for antibody purifications and two HPLCs (1 Ultimate 3000 (Thermo Scientific), 1 BioCad) equipped with reversed phase columns for peptide purification.