New Product of the Molecular Biology Service


Dear colleagues,

Molecular Biology Service is proud to offer a cost efficient replacement for Qiagen’s MiniPrep, Gel extraction and PCR purification kits.

 Our kit contains all buffers to do 250 of either of the applications mentioned above for just 130 Euro instead of a minimum of more than 300 Euro for the Qiagen kit.

From now on (July 2015), the kit will be available from the General Store (in the section containing nucleic acid purification systems).

New Gibson Mastermix, protocol and technical notes

The Gibson Assembly Master Mix we provided so far had the limitation of only 5 μl of flexible volume for the fragments. In quite some cases people had to concentrate their fragments because of this fact. Therefore we changed the formulation of the master mix to a 2x mix and thereby increased the flexible volume to 10 μl.

You will find the new protocol and additional information at our fridge in R5.55.

If you have additional information do not hesitate to ask.

News from Mediakitchen

  • Cleanroom Technology

To increase the quality of the products of the media kitchen a clean room was installed.

Where we produce now and we fill the bottles in a sterile atmosphere.

  • Hazard Labels

To improve the compliance with Austrian and European legislation, new labels with hazard notes are introduced. In addition to these hazard notes, you will find the production date and a QR-code linking to the manufacturing SOPs. All bottles that are heat sterilized will carry autoclave tape.



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