Harald Scheuch - Head of Molecular Biology Service

Harald is the contact person regarding designing, performing and analyzing of microarray experiments and microarray data. He will  help you with Plasmid Purification in 96well format and mycoplasma testing. He can give an introduction and training on the equipment in the Department. He is also the contact person regarding the Bioplex-Multiplex Reader (Biorad).

Kristina Uzunova - Protein Expression Facility

Kristina is responsible for the Protein Expression Facility, within the Molecular Biology Service. She uses E.coli and P. pastoris expression systems. Kristina provides recombinant proteins of general use, such as proteases, polymerases and growth factors, and recombinant antibodies. In addition, she works in close collaboration with research groups on specific projects, designing expression constructs and developing tailor-made protein expression and purification protocols. She has also established and maintains a collection of expression vectors. Kristina also provides training and technical assistance to students.


Boril Bochev - Protein Expression Facility

Boril assists Kristina in all steps of protein expression and purification.  He is also in charge of the next generation high-throughput chromatographer, and develops tailor-made purification protocols.

Robert Heinen

Robert complements the Molecular Biology Service Team by establishing and improving techniques that are of general interest (e.g. seamless cloning, in vitro RNA transcrition, isolation of nucleic acids) or needed for complex techniques like Phage Display (e.g. cloning nanobody libraries).  Moreover, one of his responsibilities is to offer products frequently used in molecular biology in a "ready to use" and quality controlled way using the enzymes produced by our Protein Expression Facility (e. g. MiniPex nucleic acid isolation and purification kit, 2x Gibson mastermix, 100 bp and 1 kb ladders).  He is assisting researchers in setting up liquid handling robotics, instructing people in using the facility’s devices and is the contact person for medium scale fermentation of cells lines for the production of monoclonal antibodies.

Sabina Kula

Sabina joined our group in January 2012. She is responsible for conducting the reagents/methods testing and quality control on the MBS products. To her duties belong performing the weekly mycoplasma test as well as supporting the MBS Protein Expression Facility in molecular biology field. She can help you with requests for all RNAi libraries available at the MBS.

Nikolaus Beer

Nikolaus helps us with various procedures as student assistant, part time alongside his studies. He helps developing new products, moreover, he does stocking up established products and performs quality control. Additionally, he executes services like Mini prep in 96-well format preparations and also mycoplasma test.

Zuzana Dzupinkova - Sanger Sequencing

Zuzana joined the Molecular Biology Service in Summer 2011. She is the contact person regarding any questions about routine Sanger Sequencing. She is responsible for development and establishing new methods with the two ABI Capillary Sequencing machines (e. g. fragment analysis). She is also responsible for Speed Congenics service, STR profiling for authentication of human cell lines, stem cells and tissues, and preparation of competent cells (chemically competent cells, electrocompetent ones and agrobacteria).




Markus Hohl - Sanger Sequencing

Markus runs together with Vinika and Zuzana the Sanger sequencing service. He takes over the samples and sets up sequencing reactions.

Vinika Gandhi - Sanger Sequencing

Vinika runs together with Markus and Zuzana the Sanger sequencing service. She takes over the samples and sets up sequencing reactions.

Christa Detz-Jaderny - Media Lab


After graduating in agriculture she began her career as a media expert at the Institute of Dairy Technology of the Veterinary University of Vienna where she established standard methods for monitoring Listeria for example, or prepared media for student courses. Since 2005 she has worked in the Media Kitchen of the IMP-IMBA, the tasks here being indeed thematically similar, but the incredible amounts that are consumed put the emphasis squarely on production.

mail:      christa.detz(at)

phone:  4183

Christine Giesel - Media Lab

Christine started in the IMP fly food preparation in 2010. Since 2015 she joined the group and works as a Media Lab Technician. Therefore she has already a great knowledge about all products.

mail:    christine.giesel(at) 

phone:  3647

Jiss John - Media Lab

Jiss graduated in Biotechnology and joined IMP in 2007 as a Technician in Rumpel´s group. Since 2015 she is member of Media Lab team and qualified to produce Media Lab items. In addition she is well trained for administration of the new established online "ordering system".


phone:  3473

Jutta Dammann - Media Lab

Jutta graduated as a Medical Technical Laboratory Assistant and worked in medical labs before she joined science. She started at IMBA in 2006 as Lab Manager in Martinez group. Then she worked as a Research Assistant in the research groups at IMP. She joined Media Lab team in June 2018.  She has a lot of experiences with several laboratory techniques and she also helps us with establishing new products.


phone:  4847

Sterile Processing Department

Team Sterile Processing Department:

Bettina Radich, Svetlana Pekec-Nikolic, Nuray Kilic, Asel Aykut, Adrian Angelov, Norbert Demeter

phone: 4172