Monday 22. of October 2018

Job Opening

Technician / Flow Cytometry Operator (m/f)read more

Monday 22. of October 2018

Job Opening

Microscopy Specialist (m/f)read more

Tuesday 26. of June 2018

Photometrics Camera Training Course

Photometrics is offering a camera training course at the IMP on 26th and 27th of July in room E-016.


As you can see from the program attached, it is a mixture of presentations and practicals and will give you a more

Sunday 10. of June 2018

FlowJo Seminar

BioOptics is glad to offer a free FlowJo training seminar to all interested users,

given by Christoph Freier, an application scientist within the FlowJo company on Thursday 27th of June starting 1 pm. He will give more

Wednesday 30. of May 2018

Sony SH800 - plate sorting

The Sony SH800 is now also capable of (index-) sorting into 96well and 384well plates.

Please ask BioOptics for further information or an introduction to the system


read more

Thursday 03. of May 2018

Job Opening

Microscopy Specialistread more

Sunday 15. of April 2018

A new Member joined the BioOptics team to support the FACS service

Eleonora Reginato has a broad research experience in immunology, cancer biology & epigenetics. She will be responsible for training flow cytometry users, operating the sorters and providing scientific support in all more

Tuesday 13. of February 2018

M34 - Discoverer 7

New fully automated live cell imaging systemread more

Monday 08. of January 2018

FlowJo Availability

Dear FlowJo Users,


The IT set up 5 virtual machines for the use of the FlowJo software, please follow the procedure below to use it:


For Windows:


Use the Remote Desktop Connection Tool which can be found in the more

Thursday 02. of November 2017

Job Opening

Flow Cytometry Specialistread more

Wednesday 30. of August 2017

Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji

18.-20. Sep 2017

13.-15. Nov 2017read more

Thursday 18. of May 2017

BioOptics Clinic

a problem-solving meeting or one at which participants acquire knowledge or skills - We want to achieve both! read more

Monday 15. of May 2017

Workshop - Arivis software solutions

Workshop on the visualization and analysis of 3D & 4D biological image data read more

Thursday 27. of April 2017

Inhouse FlowJo Seminar

We can offer a free FlowJo training seminar to all interested users, given by Christoph Freier, an application scientist within the FlowJo company on Thursday 27th of April from 9 to 12am. He will give an introduction to more

Wednesday 19. of April 2017

Invitation // ZEISS Workshop on Automated Live Cell Microscopy

Many times in life sciences research, the data you are after will only be revealed through multiple runs of experiments or complex assays. Now, with Celldiscoverer 7, you can combine the easy to-use automation of a more

Saturday 01. of April 2017

New 96well Screener for Flow Cytometry

IQue Screener Plus

The iQue Screener platform is an integrated instrument, software and reagent system that enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension in a 96/384 well plate format. read more

Wednesday 03. of February 2016


The BioOptics Facility added an new sorter to its portfolio allowing scientist to perform sorts mainly of GFP and mCherry/RFP labeled cells themselves after having received training. The new SONY SH800 is equipped with more

Tuesday 12. of January 2016

New Z1 Lightsheet Microscope (M32)

Biooptics Facility has added a new Zeiss Z1 lightsheet microscope to its portfolio. The M32 system utilizes an excitation lightsheet with orthogonal detection, allowing for fast, optically sectioned high-volume imaging of more

Thursday 17. of September 2015

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry and MS2 Spectra Identification for Beginners

17th and 18th September 2015

IMP/IMBA, Vienna, Austria read more

Thursday 13. of August 2015

New confocal microscope

LSM 880 with Airyscanread more

Monday 23. of February 2015

Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji

April 20th-24th 2015 read more

Monday 12. of January 2015

New Visiscope Spinning Disk Microscope (M31)

Biooptics Facility has added a new spinning disk microscope to its portfolio. The M31 Visiscope Spinning Disc Confocal (Visitron SystemsGmbH, Puching, Germany), equipped with a Yokogawa W1 spinning disc, allows rapid more

Thursday 03. of April 2014

OMX User Meeting

July 9th/10th 2014; Viennaread more

Wednesday 19. of March 2014

Superresolution Microscope

DeltaVision OMX with Blaze SIM module - GE Healthcareread more

Friday 28. of February 2014

Principles of Transmitted Light and Fluorescence Microscopy

Biooptics team announces 2 courses, which will cover the principles of transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy.

read more

Thursday 23. of January 2014

A new Member joined the BioOptics team to support the FACS service

Marietta Weninger is experienced in molecular biology techniques and flow cytometry. She works as a full time FACS specialist in our service facility. In the future she will perform sorts and maintain the FACS machines, more

Thursday 23. of January 2014

New Aria 3 Sorter available

A brand new FACSAria III sorter has been installed in the FACS room 1.06. It is equipped with four lasers (405, 488, 561, 640) and capable of simultaneous detection of 16 fluorescent parameters. At the same time one can sort more

Wednesday 30. of January 2013

New Confocal Microscope at BioOptics

The new LSM780 is now more

Thursday 26. of July 2012

New FACS Analyser

The new Guava EasyCyte is especially designed for automated analysis of 96 well plates and is now available at BioOptics. read more

Thursday 19. of April 2012

New BioOptics group member

A new member working on microscopy and imaging has joined the BioOptics more

Tuesday 28. of February 2012

New Spinning Disk Confocal

The new Ultravox View is now available!read more

Monday 05. of September 2011

Advanced Practical Microscopy Course

 Imaging technologies are core disciplines of tomorrow’s biology and medicine, represent essential new research infrastructures for all life sciences and contribute to a better understanding of all living systems. more

Friday 18. of June 2010

New Group Member

Lendl Thomas, New Member of BioOptics

New Member of BioOpticsread more