In-house bred mice - Stocklist

To provide scientists with standard inbred mice in the short term we breed some wildtype strains in our stock and breeding room. The number of animals produced per week is limited. Based on the "first come, first served" principle these mice are made available to IMP IMBA scientists. 

Please consider that our common breeding room ar 15 has to serve both institutes equally (first come first serves, no reservations of animals). The animal house has to make sure that both institutes benefit equally from the general breeding room for the long term. Everything, which may be considered as a shift of costs from the group budget to the jointly used resource breeding room has to be avoided. Our stock list shows what was available on every Wednesday.

Top priority has to be given always to the core facility “Transgenic Services”, because their need for mice was the main reason for establishing this breeding facility.


The strains and stocks as well as the number of breeding cages is decided by the IMP IMBA AUC and therefore changes and adaptions have to be made by the AUC only.


There must not be too many surplus animals. Killing surplus mice regularly, because they were not used for experiments, is against Austrian Laboratory Animal Act and therefore not permitted. Authorities do accept killing animals, because there is no demand for those mice the longer term. In that case we have to reduce breeding pairs.


There is no exact rule how many mice can be delivered to one single person, because this always depends on the general demand and on the breeding performance.  


As a rule of thumb: Delivery of up to 10 animals per scientist about 2-3 times per month should be possible in general.


There is always a high demand for C57BL/6 females and almost no demand for males. This means the number of males per person is much higher than the number of females. Or we can provide mice for single experiments, which require 5-10 animals but we cannot provide you with this number when these experiments are carried out every week.


Only adult mice will be delivered (no preweanlings).


Our stocklist shows the state of our mouse stock on Wednesday.

For ordering in-house bred mice please sent an email to mouseorders(at) .

Please do not send emails to other mailaccounts or do not order by telephone. In-house bred stock mice will be put to your animal room within 72 hours. In general we try to provide you with the mice as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee, that the mice are delivered immediately. This has to be taken into consideration, when planning an experiment, where you need those mice. Every Wednesday a stock list is generated, showing what is available at the moment the list is made. Please see what was on stock Wednesday (stock list).

In case the required mice are not available by the IMP IMBA animal house, we will ask you whether they should be order from a commercial breeder (Charles River, Taconic, Harlan, Janvier, JAX etc.) - if you agree to do so. According to the availability a certain strains or stocks this will take from one week to several months.