Rules of Conduct

1. Treat the animals in a respectful and gentle way; they are not inanimate laboratory devices.

2. Treat your colleagues in a respectful and gentle way, which means: make sure that your work (or the remaining traces) does not compromise the work of your colleagues, do not waste commonly shared resources.

3. You must not work in the animal house, when you are not able to show the proper education for handling mice and for running your colonies (avoid red tags and above all attention cards).

4. Animal experiments may be carried out only if you hold a license, you are responsible to make sure that there is a valid license before you do your experiment.

5. Make sure that everything you take with you will not endanger the barrier and the health status of the mice (free from mouse pathogens). In doubt do not bring it in. Everything you take in with you through the air shower has to be sprayed with disinfectant. You must not work with infectious agents which can be transmitted into other mice.

6. You must not enter the animal house once you were in another animal facility on the same day.

7. Do not hand over your access card to a colleague; never take a foreign person with you into the facility.

8. Do not enter the air shower when it is not working, the air shower must not be entered by two or more persons at once.

9. Do not take away any equipment from an animal room or a laboratory, do not take away equipment from the animal house at all (trolleys, scales, lab-chairs, tables etc.), and do not damage animal house equipment (cages, filter sheets etc.).

10. Clean and disinfect your workplace when finished working, dirty stuff has to be stored outside the animal room in the blue corridor.

11. Do not break the seals of the door handles unless in case of emergency, open the emergency doors unless in case of emergency.

12. Never leave a cage outside the proper position in the rack.

13. Do not enter the animal room during the dark period.

14. Close the doors all the time.

15. Dispose all one way stuff after leaving the barrier, above all remove the blue overshoes from the lab shoes.

16. Do not take the last piece of any stock without making sure that there will be provided new stock.

Good luck for your work in our Animal House

Animal House Staff