FORTESSA Shutdown Procedure

When you are done with your Flowcytometry experiment, please do as follows:

1. Place a fresh tube filled with 2 ml of “FACS Clean” on to the SIP.

2. Leave it running on “high” throughput setting for 5 minutes.

3. Repeat this with a fresh tube of “FACS Rinse” and a tube of Water   (de-ionized water).

4. Leave the last tube on the SIP. Log off from FACS DiVa. Log off from the workstation. Set the fluidics to               “STDBY” (standby)

5. Check the booking calendar (grm3) whether the machine will be in use later the same day. If so, the                 procedure is done. If not, please turn off the machine and wetcart by pushing the main power switch on            the table.