M25 - Spinning Disk Confocal UltraView Vox Axio Observer (inverted) with incubation

System Description

The M25 system is an inverted microscope equipped with a spinning disc (SD) unit from PelkinElmer UltraView VoX allowing fast confocal acquisition. All components are controlled by Volocity.
The system is fully programmable and therefore able to run multidimensional experiments including any combination of the following: multiple positions, multiple wavelengths including brightfield (DIC), z-Stacks, time-lapse.
This makes it suitable e.g. for various live cell experiments or the automatic acquisition of a large amount of images (screening).


LED: 400nm, 465nm, 565nm
White Light LED

Lasers for SD

405nm 100mW
488nm 100mW
561nm 100mW
640nm 100mW


Filters Vis:

Ex 400/20nm  Em 460/40nm
Ex 470/40nm  Em 525/50nm
Ex 562/40nm  Em 624/40nm

Filters SD-Emission:

445/60nm; 615/70nm
485/60nm; 705/90nm
430-472nm; 502-544nm; 582-618nm: 663-691nm
455-500nm; 526-623nm; 664-750nm; 
450-504nm; 524-551nm; 571-800nm;


10x/0.3 EC plan Neofluar Ph1 DICI
20x/0.8 plan-Apochromat
40x/1.3 EC plan-Neofluar Oil Ph3 DICIII
63x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DICIII


Hamamatsu EMCCD 9100-13 – 16µm pixel with 1.2x additional magnification

Additional devices

Incubation chamber with CO2