M02 - Axio Imager.Z2 (upright) with sCMOS camera

System Description

The M02 system is an upright widefield microscope for brightfield and fluorescence. It is equipped with a sCMOS camera and all components are controlled by ZEN Blue.

It can be used to acquire multicolor fluorescent images of fixed samples, as well as phase contrast (Ph) and differential interference contrast (DIC) images.

Widefield Illumination

Sola light engine
White Light LED


Ex 406/15nm   Em 457/50nm
Ex 470/40nm   Em 525/50nm
Ex 480/40nm   Em 510LP
Ex 545/30nm   Em 610/75nm
Ex 560/55nm   Em 645/75nm
Ex 620/60nm   Em 700/70nm


Hamamatsu Orca flash 4

Pixel Size: 6.5μm


5x/0.15 plan-neofluar
10x/0.3 plan-neofluar
20/0.5 plan-neofluar
40x/1.3 EC plan-neofluar Oil DIC
63x/1.4 plan-apochromat Oil DIC
100x/1.3 plan-neofluar Oil