Migration Information

Cluster Migration to Debian Wheezy

In 2013 we upgrade the current cluster running Sun Gridengine 6.2u5 and Debian 5 lenny to Grid Engine 2011.11 and Debian 7 wheezy.

The lenny and wheezy cluster will run in parallel and only compute-3,4,5 nodes will be upgraded.

Since all hosts in the upgraded cluster will have enough main memory, the need for so may queues as in the old cluster is obsolete. A lot of settings will be done in the future with the Grid Engine resource quota lists.

Using both clusters

You can use both clusters in parallel by loading the correct grid engine module.

To use the (old) Debian 5 lenny cluster:

  • module load gridengine-client

To use the (upgraded) Debian 7 wheezy cluster:

  • module load gridengine

Changed Queue Settings

The queues will get much simpler now. By default everybody should use the publiq.q.

The nonofficehours.q still exists and will contain other servers over night and public holidays. The nonofficehours.q can contain also hosts running Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

The openmpi.q runs preferred on compute-6-1 to compute-6-10 with Intel hyperthreading enabled. You need a project name to submit to this nodes e.g. Relion, Imagic, Xmipp.

Changed Parallel Environment Settings

The parallel environments make and orte stay as before.

The parallel environment hostcores gets now the technically correct name smp (Symetric Multi Processing).